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Welcome for communication!

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Allow me to thank you for the opportunity to present our company "IMS" and inform you about the possibility of cooperation with us.


The main activity of our company "IMS" is complex supply of medical institutions in various fields. Our main goal isto solve all the needs of the medical organizations, I mean search and selection of disposables and equipment for their activities, to meet almost any requirements and to make uninterrupted, convenient and enjoyable running their own business without worrying about the little things - we will take care of them, you just call us.


Here is the range of widely available high-quality supplies and equipment from different areas of medicine:

  • Gynecology;
  • Urology;
  • Pediatrics;
  • Surgery;
  • Gastroenterology;
  • Traumatology;
  • Orthopedics;
  • Phlebology;
  • Resuscitation.

In a separate area We have hygiene solutions medical institutions: the creation of "turnkey":

  • Hygienic systems for processing hands of personnel (full cycle);
  • System solutions for disinfection and cleaning the premises of medical institutions.

Our company is a representative of such a famous and high quality brends as SCA® hygiene products, PAUL HARTMANN® AG, BODE® Chemie GmbH, OPHARDT® HYGIENE-TECHNIK GmbH, Dispomed Witt OHG, Johnson& Johnson®, Medicoplast® International GmbH, Int'Air Medical, FB Medical S.A.R.L., Condorovskaya Bumazhnaya Fabrica (Russia), Diaklon®.


  • Complex deliveries of goods and equipment;
  • Assistance in drafting and Protection of the Project;
  • Assistance and advice in choosing the right equipment and the optimal set;
  • Providing credit and hire purchase, leasing;
  • Free seminars for employees of departments of partner companies;
  • Delivery anywhere in the Russian Federation.


We value our reputation and, therefore, are fully responsible for the quality of our products. We accept all warranty and post warranty service on all equipment sold, so those, who become our partners one day, remain forever.


We are competent - we are working since 2007, we have extensive experience, strong reputation and a man-made success story in this market sector. We understand much, we are able to do and can do much more. If you do not know what you want, we will find you the best solution of all possible.

We are not greedy - we do not skimp on sale, sell on credit, installment. We do not have a general price list for all customers. Wehaveforeachclient - hisownpricelist.

We are honest - if we cannot do something, we will not promise it. But honestly, we can do almost everything.

We are efficient - We have everything we need for work. We have the largest warehouse in Moscow, which significantly reduces the time of delivery of the equipment and supplies.

We are not ordinary - we are ready for unconventional and interesting solutions.

We are universal–we are able not only to sell, but also to design.

We know how to be friends - a client for us is more than just a customer. We offer you not just services - we offer our friendship.

We are cute and solid - your friendship with us is not ashamed to show partners.

We are true to ourselves and our customers - good relations and reputation for us are in the first place.




  • More than 150 staffmembers;
  • Subsidiaries in Russia;
  • 2000 sq.m.warehouse space, 15 meters pallet storage, 3 tall truck, 50 warehouse workers;
  • Office in the Central District of Moscow area of 2000 sq.m.
  • Cargo transport carportof 20 vehicles;
  • Training Center. We offer a training program for staff of companies. Training seminars and workshops for our partners - free of charge.


Finding simple and beautiful solution of problems.

Convince ourselves and others that we can build in today's Russia a steady, efficient, comfortable and interesting business.